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How to make a resume CV writing tips

How To Make a Resume, Recruiter & Insights by Luis Mojica

My name is Luis Córdoba Mojica, I am Lead Recruiter at Softon and I have more than 2 years of experience in the Human Resources field; focusing on Recruitment and Selection. One of the most common inquiries I receive from many of my candidates and friends is: How do I go about building my resume?…

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Working from Home Tips

Everything You Need to Know About Working Remotely

Today, close to 4 million Americans do the majority of their work from home. That’s more than double the number of telecommuting employees than there were in 2005. While there’s no doubt that traditional office culture has undergone massive changes over the last ten years, many companies are still struggling to keep up with current…

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IT Staff Augmentation

5 Reasons Your Company Should Consider IT Staff Augmentation

Every company aspires to build their dream IT team, the task is not only daunting but costly. IT recruiting is a process that requires a lot of time and resources, hiring managers, have a monumental task trying to find candidates that fit the following profile: They have the right skill sets and experience necessary for…

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Cloud Powered Apps

Cloud Powered Apps Walkthrough Part 1

We hope you enjoy this article, our idea is to provide a quick walkthrough as to how to easily put together a full CRUD API application with publicly exposed endpoints in the cloud. Serverless Framework Components Serverless architecture and code patterns Note: Based on past experience this walkthrough will take 4 hours or less. WHY…

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Working from Home Tips & Recommendations,

Working from Home – Tips & Recommendations

Every day more companies offer to the employees WFH. Of course, this benefit has a Lot of advantages, like avoid the traffic and have more time with the Family, and also is very comfortable. However, you need to take into consideration something that can help you to be more productive when you´re working from Home.…

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Mobile Apps for your Company

Developing a Mobile App for Your Company – Things to Consider

Best Applications Company Mobile applications are very popular nowadays so it is not unusual that many companies are considering creating their own app and investing important amounts of capital towards this objective; the main problem is, that sometimes, the decision is taken by impulse, out of a desire to stay competitive and current and without…

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project management software

3 Important Pillars in a Project

No one can guarantee that a Project will be a successful or a fail, but as a Project Manager with experience in Software Projects, the best thing you can do is follow best practices, show visibility in the project, have good communication with the client, the team and anticipate most things that can happen along…

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