Developing a mobile app for your company

Developing a Mobile App for Your Company – Things to Consider

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Mobile applications are very popular nowadays so it is not unusual that many companies are considering creating their own app and investing important amounts of capital towards this objective; the main problem is, that sometimes, the decision is taken by impulse, out of a desire to stay competitive and current and without much thought process behind it.

What should be a positive addition to a company’s branding and services many times results in a failed product that doesn’t fulfill the business’s needs.

“If the objectives are not clear and the mobile app is developed without an established game plan, the client ends up with a product that is not even close to what they wanted or needed.  Creating an app is a process and the first step in this process is sitting down with the client and establishing the game plan, the goals, the purpose of the app, and what is expected from it, the technical details are discussed in a second or third meeting, once we are 100% clear on what the client wants”, explained Marco Tonti, CEO of Softon ITG.

Advantages of Developing a Mobile App for Your Company:

The mobile app trend is not just a trend, it is part of your mobile marketing strategy, and this is important to have for any company in this era because people are constantly on their phone, and the majority get information they need straight from these devices; having said this, some of the advantages of developing a mobile app for your company include: giving your client added value, giving them access to your products or services anytime, anywhere; improving the relationship with your clients and therefore their loyalty, and also giving your company more presence and branding.

Things to Consider for an Effective Mobile App:

It’s not about just creating an app to say you have an app. Your app must offer value to your clients; this is the first thing to keep in mind. And what requires of making a valuable app is the expertise of the right company to develop it. If you were to check out TechFabric.io, your intuition would tell you that you’ve landed yourself in the right place.

“Many clients come to us to develop their app with no clue what they want from it. You have to ask yourself what tools, information, services, etc. you can offer through this app that will make people want to download it, use it and recommend it”, commented Tonti.

Once this has been established then the second thing to consider is who will develop your app?

Big companies sometimes have their own development teams, but app development is a very specific and somewhat recent field, and therefore outsourcing becomes a good alternative for companies all sizes. Weigh in the pros and cons of your options.

Third thing to discuss has to do with defining details of the app, from hardware specifications and configurations to the user interface and the platform you want to launch your app in; all these details should be discussed with the development team ahead of time.

Use your time wisely, developing a mobile app takes time, use this window to create a marketing strategy and build up your clients’ expectation about the launching of the same,  it can be the worlds’ greatest app, but a buzz needs to be created around it.

Developing a mobile app for your company can be the best investment for your company or can be a total waste of resources, it all depends on how well you execute the process, in order to avoid unnecessary headaches pick a good technological partner that can guide you through this new project and help you accomplish your goals. Companies’ like Softonitg.com in Costa Rica offer you the experience and professionalism necessary in the development of mobile apps that will help you achieve success.

Source: Ambient.sg.

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