Working from Home – Tips & Recommendations

Every day more companies offer to the employees WFH. Of course, this benefit has a Lot of advantages, like avoid the traffic and have more time with the Family, and also is very comfortable.

However, you need to take into consideration something that can help you to be more productive when you´re working from Home. The New York time offers some points:

Dress to Work

Do not Start working as soon as you get up, putting your phone in the other corner of your room, will make you get up and turn off the alarm every morning. Once the alarm is off, get ready and prepare yourself for a normal working Day, get a shower and dress.

Is not necessary be formal, but try to use something like if you will interact with your colleagues face to face, you never know when a video call will be required, (would be very shameful someone see you with no shirt), this Actions will help you to avoid the temptation to take a Nap during the duty.

Try not to sleep when you´re working.

In case you´re renting an office, or a room converted into an office, a small cabin in the mountains, or even in a Beach hotel room, try to find a space away from your bedroom or try to find a better place to work, like a cafeteria, or a place with Wi-Fi.

The resting times are important, but try to take it when you´re at lunch or at the time provided by the Company.

Proper assets configuration.

Days before your WFH, try to make sure you have the necessary to work properly, also try to verify your computer have the right programs and tools. The safety first, if you will be connected to the inner company system, o access to the mail through the VPN or any other security filter, make sure everything will work correctly in the place you will work. We recommend you create a backup plan in the case you have connections problems.

The same advice works for the internet connections, make sure your workspace has all you need, a comfortable chair, a good desk, and all the tools you will probably need.

Keep in touch

The ability to communicate quickly and reliably is the most precious attribute for a remote employee. Keep your supervisors informed. All the companies have some kind of chats to get in contact during all Day and tools as hangouts, Skype and Slack for video conference and virtual meeting.

Create a Routine.

Make goals and a List of thing that need attention today, this week and this month.

The productivity technique named ¨Pomodoro¨ by Francesco Cirillo will help you with this propose, and even with bigger projects because this method helps to keeps you focused in a 25 minutes Interval with resting periods of 5 minutes. Did you finish your task in 25 minutes?  switch to other.

Avoid the distractions

Try to eliminate all the distractions and put limits if you’re working at Home, explain to your Family that they must not interrupt you in your work area unless something important is happening.  Try to make time for be with them, the Family is important too.

The social media are a terrible distraction, apps like stay focused allow you a Limited period of time per Day in selected websites (Facebook, Twitter, etc) before making them inaccessible the rest of the Day. Some other apps can help you with too, such as Workflow or tomato timer.

Take a Breath.

Try to get time for go out for some short walks that helps you to improve your productivity and creativity, one of the blessing in WFH is the opportunity to have an active Life instead of being tied to a desk, but is important create habits, Otherwise, it will fall on the inertia of sitting at your desk all day and never leave the House at night.

It is important to socialize to combat loneliness. The bike rides or short walks raise endorphins and acute care in the same way as a short walk through your neighborhood.

When you are out of work, stay completely away!

A separate technology of the place where you go to log out at the end of the day is essential to achieve the discipline needed to work remotely. In the same way that should wake up in a room without technology, it should return to a space equal once you are finished with your workday. When you have finished your workday, close their emails and chat programs, and considered in-house.

Try to mix work and free time brings the danger of never slow down or stop, which can cause extreme tiredness and depression.

Be thankful

Play with your pets and enjoy that work from home. Not everyone can do it.