5 Reasons Your Company Should Consider IT Staff Augmentation

Every company aspires to build their dream IT team, the task is not only daunting but costly. IT recruiting is a process that requires a lot of time and resources, hiring managers, have a monumental task trying to find candidates that fit the following profile:

  • They have the right skill sets and experience necessary for the project
  • Are available to start working immediately
  • Are able to adapt to the cultural values and work processes of the company
  • Salary expectations fall within the budget

The issue is a lot of companies already have their onsite IT team in place, but certain projects may require additional skill sets or hands on deck to complete, investing resources for a temporary hire is not always the best strategy for businesses. When this is the case IT staff augmentation could be the perfect solution.

What is Staff Augmentation?

Staff augmentation is a business practice where companies hire an IT consulting firm to find and hire employees that match the skill sets required. These resources are employed by the consulting firm, not the company, and therefore do not represent an additional payroll burden.

Benefits of Staff Augmentation

Staff augmentation allows companies to bring in qualified IT specialists to work alongside their existing IT teams, and the consulting firms who bring them onboard can also provide valuable insight and help their clients assess their needs and improve their work processes.

“One of the key issues when searching for the right candidates for a client is to fully understand what their real needs are. Before we bring in any potential candidates, we conduct a thorough assessment with the help of our clients, once we understand what they do, how they do it and what the project entails, we set out to find the perfect person for the job” Davide Tonti Co-Owner of Softon ITG

There are many benefits of choosing staff augmentation over traditional hiring processes, but these 5 are among the top reasons your company should consider IT staff augmentation:

  1. Cost Effectiveness: Companies with fluctuant staffing needs will greatly benefit from staff augmentation rather than invest in internal skill development, not to mention that this strategy minimizes the cost of hiring and the potential liabilities associated with direct employees.
  2. Ease of Integration: It is far easier for companies to integrate staff augmentation resources with their existing business processes than to try and align those processes with external work teams. And with the help of staff augmentation consulting firms, those processes can be greatly improved, solving many performance issues within the company.
  3. Helps Meet Aggressive Timelines: The urgency of most IT projects involves aggressive timelines that would not be possible to complete without the help of additional resources when this is the case, staff augmentation is the only cost-effective solution, as the turnaround of finding and training qualified candidates is greatly reduced.
  4. Complete Control: One of the major drawbacks of outsourcing is the lack of control over the project, however, by using IT staff augmentation, corporation retain 100% control of the project, its timelines, and who oversees specific tasks, this ensures that projects are completed under the guidelines of the corporation, not an outsourcing firm.
  5. Fills Specialized Skill Gaps: Projects often require specialized skill sets to complete, filling those gaps with full-time staff is not necessarily the best solution unless there is an ongoing need for those skill sets. Staff augmentation is a great way to provide these specialized skill sets to fill gaps in the project team.


If you feel staff augmentation is the solution you have been looking for and would like to receive more information, contact the experts at Softon ITG.