Advantages of Nearshoring

Decades ago, businesses were limited to running their business just with local resources, only big and powerful corporations had the possibility of growing internationally or going global, if small corporations needed specialized labor they were forced to pay high rates for the limited talent pool they had access to; but with advances in technology and globalization all that has changed.

Nowadays any company, even small entrepreneurship can have access to affordable and quality talent simply by seeking the services of offshore outsourcing companies. In fact, it is a great business strategy, especially when a company is in the beginning stages and needs to grow but doesn’t have the necessary resources in-house to do so.

The latest trend in outsourcing services is nearshoring.

Offshoring, although has great advantages, involves working with faraway countries, a situation that poses several limitations, communication being the main one due to different time zones and cultural gaps. Nearshoring, on the other hand, presents the same advantages as offshoring while at the same time eliminating the inconveniences of offshore services, nearshoring allows companies to gain access to talented human resources within the same region.

Some of the advantages of nearshoring include:

  • Companies can have an extension of their in-house team without increasing their payroll.
  • It’s a cost-efficient strategy to extend the company’s capacities and promoting its growth.
  • Nearshoring gives companies access to human resources with very specific skill sets which otherwise would cost a fortune.
  • Being in a similar time-zone allows for an effective communication.
  • The possibility of holding face to face meetings.
  • Working with a partner company eliminates hassles, since companies offering the service will help manage the projects assigned and assure on-time delivery and quality.
  • It allows companies to focus on other areas.

Nearshoring is an excellent option for companies looking to reach their goals quicker, cost-effectively and in a more efficient manner, but it is important to choose the right company, considering always professionalism and talent, the key is to research and compare.

Costa Rica is, for example, one of the preferred markets for North American companies looking for nearshoring services, the country offers a solid technologic platform with excellent bilingual professionals, trained and experienced in different fields.

There are several companies offering nearshoring services in Costa Rica, but certainly, not all of them offer the same level of service.

References are always the best presentation card, companies such as Walmart, Pricesmart, Highland Solutions, Source Pundit, work with Softon in Costa Rica, a company that also has representation in the USA and experience creating teams to fulfill their clients’ needs to the dot. If you are looking for nearshoring services in Costa Rica, Softon is the perfect place to begin your search, they will make your decision making simple.