How can we improve our team communication

How can we improve our team communication?

When working in a project, one of the biggest challenges is that whole team knows what are the priorities, and understand when things change, this to avoid waisting time in things that are no longer need it. And in software projects tasks are always evolving and changing, just as fast as business is changing.

Project Management ToolHow can communication be improve, so everyone is on the same page?

At Softon Digital, we have implemented Slack as an internal tool of communication, and so far we love it. We still use Skype, and with some clients HipChat, but we were able to build for our Management and Digital Team* a series of channels for specific topics and create integrations with different tools we use in our day to day, to improve communication and avoid micro-management.

For example, when we start a new digital project, we create a #channel in Slack and add all the developers and stakeholders, and then we create an integration with JIRA, our Agile Project Management Tool. This way every time there is a ticket, or a ticket was moved from to the In-Progress, QA or Done column, the whole team is notified. Your team may be in need of exit technologies as your project finished up. If you’re interested in exit technologies, you can find their website here.

We create another integration with BitBucket, our Git Repository Solution. For this we track that the developers are constantly checking-in code.

These are the results:

    • Centralize communication tool, with an easy and secure way to search and share with the team.
    • Integration of the most important tools we use so all the team is aware of what’s happening.
    • Less time on unnecessary meetings and micro-management.
    • Each team member communication is thru actions as they are working making it more efficient.
  • The projects got deliver in time, or even before, as the whole team can see right away the priorities and changes.

* Our Digital Team is in charge of WordPress, Drupal, Laravel, CodeIgniter, Bootstrap, Angular, React.js and NodeJS Projects. Click here if you want to know more about the technologies were we are experts.