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Quality is not an act, it is a habit

Don’t treat quality assurance as the final development phase. QA should not be considered as the
last step development process. On the contrary it is an endless job of agile software development.
Testing is performed in every iteration. Accordingly, QA has to be integrated as a regular and
ongoing element in the everyday development process.

what is new in QA?

DevOps will drive Quality Engineering:

DevOps is based on collaboration and integration between the different departments of an IT
Organization. DevOps groups are also required to deal with industry best practices in agile
software testing, CI (continuous Integration) and TDD (Test Driven Development) to speed up all
the test execution and minimize life cycles. See some of the QA technologies DevOps must drive
in future development projects:
• Automation Testing
• Adding GUI
• CI
• Unit Tests

The Agile Test Automation Pyramid


Tips for becoming a great QA

Get as much understanding of the application/product

If you really want to become a QA expert, once you’re confident on what need to test, the next
thing you have to know is how to use basic test management. This tools servers as test scenario
repository, tracking defects, reporting, etc.

There are too many different testing approaches to design test scenarios. Creating test scenarios
is not a simple task, you need to anticipate all possible scenarios your application/product
requires. Identify possible inputs and expect outputs. Do we considered unexpected scenarios that
may break our application/product?, this is called negative testing which is a type of testing
required in the process as well.

Is QA required?

See the below post regarding to what Yahoo did with their QA team, “and who is Yahoo these


Yahoo’s Tech Leaders Say Engineers Are Better Off Coding With No Net

December 12, 2015 @11:30AM (#51105313)
A year ago Yahoo eliminated its test and quality assurance team

Yahoo’s approach does not allow to follow the above future QA techniques (DevOps will drive QA),
due to removing QA eliminates the possibility of implementing TDD. Implementing TDD discard QA
as a bottleneck of the development process, and instead, it encourage more QA effort in early
development process.

Engineers will go through a tedious process of verifying his code once; but at the end devs would
start building tools to automate every process. “We’re saving money and delivering better code
using TDD”