Costa Rica is the Leader in Nearshore Software Outsourcing (6 Reasons)

In recent years Latin America has made head waves as a prime destination for outsourcing services, these services range from customer support, and financial services to the newest trend in software outsourcing.

In this latest trend, the small country of Costa Rica has been grabbing attention from companies in the United States, Canada and even some Western European nations like the United Kingdom, which begs the question how did this tropical paradise become such a software development giant?

Every organization has its unique reasons for choosing to nearshore their IT projects in Costa Rica, and it would be almost impossible to list them all, however, it is possible to list 7 common reasons businesses decide to work with Costa Rican tech firms as opposed to other options in the Asia Pacific region, Eastern Europe, or Latin America.


Costa Rica’s geographical positioning and time zone makes it an excellent fit for businesses in the US and Canada.

This proximity not only facilitates real-time collaboration, but it also allows work teams to deliver a solution in real time. One of the drawbacks of working with remote groups is the time difference, companies who used to outsource their IT projects in India faced countless delays because of opposing office hours.

Cultural Similarities

As small as Costa Rica is, with a population soon to reach 5 million, it is surprisingly a very diverse country.

Immigrants from all over the world have been coming to Costa Rica for decades. And although Costa Rican’s have very distinct personality traits, their exposure to many cultures over the course of their lives has given them a high level of adaptability, making it easier for them to interact in both social and business settings quite easily.

People are friendly, and most professionals speak a high level of English, and some even speak a third language.

Top of the Line IT professionals

Over the course of the last 25 years, Costa Rican’s have developed not only an interest but more of a passion for technology. In part, this was due to the many multinationals that set up operations here around that time, and of course the introduction of the internet. The country is seeing steady progress especially in the e-commerce sector. If you were to read this review at https://twohourblogger.com/proven-amazon-course-review/ of a famous e-commerce retailer about the course he took up, you’d know how the e-commerce business is blooming there.

Costa Rican’s or Ticos are curious, creative, and incredibly resourceful, and when they see an opportunity they dive right in, this has created a vibrant and innovative technology-centric environment and an active developer community full of skilled professionals.


In Costa Rica, education has always been a priority, and according to statistics, they are the leaders in quality of education in Latin America.

And it is precisely because of their high-level of education that Costa Rica is the ideal place to outsource complex web and mobile application as well as other IT services.

Stable Business Environment

While most Latin America countries deal with social and economic unrest, Costa Rica has one of the most stable socio-economic environments.

According to the World Bank Survey for Global Governance Indicators; Costa Rica is ranked higher in every indicator compared to its counterparts in the Latin American Region; this means the business environment and the quality of life are better.


According to the United Nations, Costa Rica invests a higher percentage of their Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in economic infrastructure than any other country in Latin America.

Even though the labor cost is slightly higher in Costa Rica compared to other countries in the region, the quality of work, the ease in communication, the cultural similarities, and the on-point task delivery, makes up for the cost differential. Our customers have stated repeatedly they prefer working with us than other nearshore vendors Marco Tonti, CEO Softon ITG.

If you feel Costa Rica is a perfect match to develop your IT projects and would like more information on services, you can contact the team at Softon ITG, a leader in nearshore software outsourcing with more than ten years of experience and an outstanding reputation for quality service.


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