Really good reasons to choose software outsourcing

8 Really Good Reasons to Choose Software Outsourcing

Software Outsourcing, this is an exciting time for businesses, as reports that every major economy in the world is growing at the same time, this opens great opportunities for expansion as well as boost confidence that should something go wrong in one country, the growth of the other economies will sustain world markets.

This announcement will certainly send companies on a quest to make improvements to their services and goods, and because we live in a technological era, software development will surely be part of this expansion effort.

However, most companies lack the internal capability to complete some of their projects, and because a lot of the time these are one time or intermittent needs software outsourcing becomes a great option for developing and delivering projects.

There are numerous advantages for companies who choose to outsource their software development, these are the most important:

Cost Savings

Outsourcing your IT projects to nearshore companies can significantly reduce its cost.

According to Marco Tonti CEO of Softon ITG “Software outsourcing shifts a company’s fixed costs, i.e. employees into variable costs, or costs solely associated with the project, therefore after completion, these costs are no longer a concern for the company”

Time Savings

Software development is time-consuming, and it is rare to see a company only develop one project at a time, this means that resources are spread out amongst many projects delaying the delivery. In contrast, software outsourcing companies will build a dedicated skilled team to work on each project, ensuring the application hits the market on time.


IT outsourcing companies have the capacity to adapt to a company’s needs making it easier for them to ramp up or down when required.

Fills in Any In-House Capacity Void

When the internal resources of a company are insufficient, instead of building those capabilities in-house, it makes more financial sense to outsource the specific tasks or complete projects.

Talented IT Professionals

Technology is advancing everywhere in the world, and some of the most talented IT professionals don’t live the US or in Europe, a significant number live in countries like Costa Rica.

Companies who decide to contract the services of a software outsourcing company nearshore will have immediate access to some of the best IT professionals.

“We are constantly looking for the brightest and most skilled IT professionals in different areas, so we can accommodate any needs our customers may have, we train and help develop our employee’s skills constantly. You would be hard-pressed to find a more talented group of professionals anywhere in the world” commented Marco Tonti.

Software Outsourcing is a Model Based on Results

When contracting an outsourcer, companies are really buying pre-established results that have been approved by both parties. Delivering those results on time becomes the responsibility of the outsourcer, provided they receive all the necessary information from the company.

Helps Companies Keep their Focus

Just because a company is developing a new application does not mean they can take their focus off their core business, they need to stay competitive and profitable. Because the responsibility for delivering results lies with the outsourcer, companies can continue to do what they do best.

Helps to Mitigate Risk

Software outsourcing helps a company mitigate their risk, this is done in several ways:

  1. Outsourcing companies have high-quality project management systems and a proven process for developing applications.
  2. In the event of a project failure, the outsourcer assumes part or all the responsibility.

Companies planning any new development projects would be wise to choose a vendor that offers both staff augmentation and software outsourcing services like Softon ITG.

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