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Testable Controllers

Testing is simplified with streamlined controllers collaborating with services, as it involves straightforward verification of specific methods responding to particular actions

Lean rails controllers

Controllers translate requests into service arguments, handling sessions, parameters, and cookies. They respond to service output through redirection or rendering. In larger applications, actions with Rails services typically involve more lines of code

Separation of domain & framework

En Rails, los controladores usan servicios para interactuar con objetos de dominio, mejorando la escalabilidad al migrar a una arquitectura de microservicios con cambios mínimos

Lean rails controllers

Rails service objects, with roles like controllers and job interfaces, collaborate with the central processing unit—the Rails controller—to manage user interactions, models, and views. The controller serves as a key hub, directing external requests to essential ancillary services and internal objects

Ability to test processes in isolation

Services, being compact Ruby objects detached from their surroundings, lend themselves to simplified, quicker testing. Stubbing all collaborators becomes straightforward, enabling verification of each step’s execution within the service

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