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The value of textarea is set using its children in the same way like HTML
Pre and post lifecycle methods of components are represented using
Life cycle methods of a components fall under following categories?
To use native javascript as an attribute value, the expression should be wrapped within
Change or update to large number of nodes is optimized using which of the following techniques?
Which of the following mounting methods is/are invoked before the component is inserted into DOM?

ReactJS renders Components (classes) if the element is defined in

Which of the following is used to trigger a UI update?
One can define default values for properties, props, using which of the following method?
ReactJS renders HTML tags if the element is defined in
Input field that does not supply a value is called as
A parent component could access or read its children components properties
Data flow from owner to owned components using which of the following?
Which of the following methods change the state of the component?
A component can mutate its properties as and when required
An owner component defines its children component within render method
PropTypes is used for
The default value of input field could be set using which of the following attribute?
Mixins are used to take care of cross-cutting concerns

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