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Mobile Apps for your Company

Developing a Mobile App for Your Company – Things to Consider

Mobile applications are very popular nowadays so it is not unusual that many companies are considering creating their own app and investing important amounts of capital towards this objective; the main problem is, that sometimes, the decision is taken by impulse, out of a desire to stay competitive and current and without much thought process…

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Fall in Love With the Nearshore Model

What is the difference between Offshoring and Nearshoring Both are offspring of outsourcing which is a business practice whereas a company hires a third party to perform certain business processes for them. The terms are self-explanatory, offshoring is choosing a third party who is geographically far away from the company, often in different time zones,…

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8 Really Good Reasons to Choose Software Outsourcing

Software Outsourcing, this is an exciting time for businesses, as reports that every major economy in the world is growing at the same time, this opens great opportunities for expansion as well as boost confidence that should something go wrong in one country, the growth of the other economies will sustain world markets. This announcement…

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Costa Rica is the Leader in Nearshore Software Outsourcing (6 Reasons)

In recent years Latin America has made head waves as a prime destination for outsourcing services, these services range from customer support, and financial services to the newest trend in software outsourcing. In this latest trend, the small country of Costa Rica has been grabbing attention from companies in the United States, Canada and even…

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